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  • Creative’s Fruits Vegetables And Their Plants

    The Creative Educational Aids 0623 Fruits, Vegetables and Their Plants is a perfect game for kids and pre-schoolers to introduce them to the various items that are used in our daily life. The names become familiar to the tiny tots and they also learn to recognize the colour that goes with each fruit, vegetable or plant. The manufacturers of the fruit and vegetable games for kids have set forth a few educational objectives which they hope to achieve as the little kids learn to play with the educational toys. The package consists of 31 pairs of images of plants, vegetables and fruits which are named appropriately. The fruit and vegetable games for kids is played by matching the names of the fruits and vegetables to its images of the plants. The Educational Value of the Game There are 62 cards each, for the fruit games for kids and the vegetable games in which the fruit or vegetable is matched with the images of the plants. The names too are clearly printed on the cards, so it becomes easy for them to read it, though they may not be able to literally read it, the words will be familiar to the eye as they are helped to pronounce it by elders. The learning process becomes complete if the game is played with an elder as it helps the kids to get a better grasp of the names of the plants, fruits and vegetables and the right pronunciation. They can play the vegetables games for kids which help them to learn all the names of the vegetables and understand that fruits and vegetables are not the same thing. Key Features 4+yesrs Assembly required: No Battery required: No Battery Included: No Weight: 481g Dimensions: 27.5 x 20 x 3.8 cm Players 1 to 2 Materials used Paper and Board.
  • Creative’s Discover Birds 36 Jumbo Flash Cards

    • Active Recall
    • Improves Visual Memory
    • Association Skill
    • Vocabulary
    • Comprehension
    • Concentration and Visual Discrimination
    • Language Skills
  • Creative Discover Animals Flash Cards – 36 Cards

    Activity guideA fun way to learn about different animals. Children have the greatest potential for developing the right brain from there tender age, with the highest potential being at the earlier ages. Learning through flash cards is a lifelong learning and aids the child in becoming smarter with its regular and appropriate exposure.
  • Creative’s Pre School What’s Next 2 – 34 Cards

    These bright, strong, easy to handle, 5/6 step cards develop logical thinking, sequencing and storytelling while reinforcing important communication skills. The game includes 2 sets of five steps and 4 sets of six steps large and durable cards (34 cards) and an Activity Guide. The child is required to sort each set, explain each card of every set, arrange them in proper sequence and narrate the story/ happening in his/her own words. This way the child improves pre-reading skills in a playful manner.
  • Creative Educational Pre-school What Things Are Made Of

    What things are made of' is an association game to keep your children busy for hours while introducing them to the sources (origin) in nature of various products that we use in our daily lives such as chocolates, bread and milk etc. The game has 24 sets of two piece match-up's of final products and their corresponding natural sources. With the help of these match-ups, children try to associate final products with their origin in nature improving their vocabulary, general knowledge and problem solving skills.
  • Creative’s Think & Match Part 2

    • Keen Observation
    • Concentration
    • Problem Solving
    • Eye-hand Coordination
    • Logic and Reasoning Skills
  • Creatives Division Flash Cards (Multicolor)

    “Division Flash Cards” is a Sure and Effective Way to learn and practice Division Facts. There are 40 both sides printed, large Flash Cards. Each card has two sums printed in big and bold type and their answers on the back. To reinforce their understanding and test knowledge of ‘division’ they also play group games. This way the child learns in most interactive and enjoyable. way.
  • Creative Educational Subtraction – Flash Cards



    “Subtraction Flash Cards” is a fun and easy way to practice Subtraction Facts Step-by- Step with the help of different activities and group games.


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    Subtraction Flash Cards” is a Sure and Effective Way to learn and practice Subtraction Facts up to 20. There are 40 both sides printed, divided into 2 levels,large Flash Cards. Each card has two sums printed in big and bold type and their answers on the back. Children first practice with Level 1 ( sums up to 10) cards and then with Level 2 ( up to 20) Cards. To reinforce their understanding and test knowledge of subtraction they also play group games. This way the child learns in most interactive and enjoyable way.


    40 two sided printed large and thick cards and an activity guide.

  • Creative Educational Shapes – Flash Cards (Multi-Color)

    ‘Shapes Flash Cards’ is an introduction to some of the important geometrical shapes. The game comprises 40 cards with different geometrical shapes and shaped objects and things representing these shapes. With the help of these cards, the child will learn various geometrical shapes and will be able to relate those shapes with the objects and things they see on day-to-day basis. This will enhance their eye-hand coordination, tactile and problem solving skills as they associate the object cards with the corresponding shape cards having those shapes.
  • Creative Discover Birds Jumbo Flash Cards

    Discover flowers - a fun and effective way to learn, reinforce, retain, and test information.
  • Creative’s Discover Vegetables – 36 Jumbo Flash Cards

    • Visual Discrimination
    • Awareness about different types of vegetables
    • Eye-Hand Coordination
    • Logical Thinking
    • Problem Solving
    • Develops power of concentration and sense of logic
    • useful facts and specific information about vegetables
  • Creative’s Build a Sentence Part – 1

    • Building Simple Sentences
    • Identifying Subject and Predicate
    • Using Correct Pronunciation
  • Creative Educational Know Your World – An Activity Pack Puzzle (Multi-Color)

    " Know Your World " is an action packed and enjoyable Activity Pack by Creative’s where children; 1). Assemble a beautiful 100 piece World Map puzzle that names the continents, oceans, and all the countries of the world with their capitals, 2). a. Complete the pages of the Activity Book packed with puzzles, hands-on activities, crosswords etc. b. Fill in the maps c. Learn important facts and figures about the world 3). Play ‘quiz game’ to test their knowledge about the world. The game includes a 100 piece world map jigsaw puzzle, an Activity Book, a quiz card game and an Activity Guide.
  • Creative’s First Puzzles – Pet Animals, Multi Color

    “First Puzzles-Farm Animals” by Creative’s is a set of 6 shaped puzzles each with two pieces. The child is required to identify and match the correct pairs of pieces. Six colouring sheets of the same animals have also been provided with the puzzles to bring out the creative side of the children along with improving their hand-eye coordination, visual discrimination and concentration skills.