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  • ToyKraft Create A Real Clock (Multicolor)

    You can design and assemble an actual working clock, which shows accurate time, using the quartz clock mechanism. 3 different dials allow you to change the look and feel of the clock. Also provided in the kit are painting and decorative options along with a circular reflective disk to enhance the look of the clock.
  • ToyKraft Music

    Complete the six individual puzzles and place them within their respective frame cutouts. The frames can be arranged together to reveal the big picture of the musical instruments on the stage. Display the big picture by mounting it on another frame.
  • Toy Kraft Paper Quilled Stylish Hairbands And Hair Clips, Multi Color DIY

    For All Girls, Hairbands And Hairclips Have Been Very Popular Since Ages. Paper Quilled Make Creative And Beautiful Hairbands And Hairclips Is An Opportunity To Make Ornament By Just Quilling Papers. It Is Best Of The Artificial Jewellery.
  • Toy Kraft Bird Watch Puzzle

    Snapdeal presents an assorted range of activity kits, construction sets and accessories for your kids from the house of Toy Kraft that will surely keep them hooked for hours. These kits and sets will uplift your child's artistic abilities and allow them to explore, learn and enjoy themselves thoroughly. Surprise your lovable kids with these toys and more to create smiles all the way!

  • Toy Kraft Bag The Gifts

    Basic Bag frame cut-out: 1; Wine bottle bag frame cut-out: 1; Coloured card: 2 sheets; Handle supports: 2 sheets; Base supports: 4 sheets; Grooved coloured paper: 1 sheet; Square printed paper: 12 sheets; Cord: 1; Ribbon: 1; Paints: 5 colours; Paint brush: 1; Adhesive: 2; Newsprint design paper: 16 sheets; Buttons: 1 packet; Instruction Manual
  • Toykraft A to Z Fancy Dress – Educational Games


    The younger children can learn about the English Alphabet and a host of could be professions based on each letter. For every letter there is a profession depicted in a four piece puzzle. The child first makes the 26 four piece puzzle sets for all the letters of the Alphabet. Now the fun element comes into play, as each set can be linked to another and more … to form a letter chain. There is also a 4 puzzle set which initiates the child into play and another 4 piece set which provides the concluding note. Children can also connect the letter sets to make any other arrangement of their choice.

  • ToyKraft: Mould & Paint Kit – Display Medley for Kids


    On the fridge these creations are a great display… …. This hobby activity is here to stay.

    This Toykraft art & craft kit will enable you to cast 18 articles from Plaster of Paris. These can be then painted using tempera paints. Rubberised magnets stuck on the back will enable you to use them as a fridge magnet display medley. These can also be hung using nylon thread and displayed as wall decor.

    Toykraft mould and paint art and craft material in the kit

    Toykraft mould and paint art kit

    Contents and Instructions

    18 blister moulds are provided in 2 trays, a canister of 6 tempera paints, paintbrush, rubberised magnets, nylon thread and an instruction manual are provided in this unique Toykraft mould and paint art kit.

    First you need to make a thick paste of the plaster of Paris powder mixed with water. This is then poured in the cavities of the moulds and allowed to dry. Once dry, paint them using the tempera colours provided. For use as fridge magnets, stick the rubberised magnets on the back using craft glue. Wall displays from these articles are made by looping nylon thread in the casts during moulding with plaster of Paris.

    Completed Fridge Magnets


    As many as 18 plaster of Paris casted and painted articles

    Objects and Figures which can be created from this pack:

    Celestial bodies and objects-Lord Ganesha and Angel, Crescent Moon, Smiley Moon and Star

    Fruits-Melon, Strawberry, Cut Apples and Banana

    Flowers- Hibiscus and Dahlia

    Vegetables-Corn on cob, Open Pea-pod and Lemon

    Objects- Ice-cream and Valentine Heart

  • Toykraft Make Lovely Loops

    • Creativity & Imagination, Hand & Eye Co-ordination, Attention Span Building, Sensory Development
  • Toykraft Denim Made Dainty

    • IDEAL HOBBY AND GIFT OPTION - The contents provided in the kit will enable one to make very cool denim utilities. This is a great hobby idea and is very popular with teenage girls and even young college-goers or working ladies. The completed bag or the kit itself can serve as a present or gift.
  • ToyKraft Super Set of Six Ships (Multicolor)

    Once all are complete they can be placed within their respective frame cutouts. This is made from good quality material. It can be an ideal gift for your children or it can also be an ideal for gifting. The color gives an additional look. Care instruction keep away from the items or products which may cause damage to this product.
  • Toy Kraft Paper Quilling – Wrist Bands, Multi Color

    This is a great do-it-yourself kit to make outstanding quilled bracelets, unique Friendship bands and beautiful Rakhis. It enables to make personalize gifts rather than buying ready made gifts. Make as many as 8 wrist bands.
  • ToyKraft Spaceship 6 models


    The instructions, largely graphic, allow for interpretation and easy understanding. Since a child has to figure out the most comfortable way to assemble a complete set or even attach a few parts together on his or her own, the M’tek models that they make foster an independence of thought in their learning process.

    Metal construction vehicle models are not too big and the metal strips are made of durable steel and plastics that are safe for kids, teens and adults.

    Kids can learn a lot from these M’Tek sets, and even given a simple one, they're soon cruise through the different setups presented in the instruction manual, and zoom on to their own concepts. Educators and parents value these tactile learning experiences for the lessons that their children and students learn from them through intrinsic use.

  • Toykraft Paper Quilling Kits (Pencil Tops)


    The instructions and the paper quills required for making the following animals are provided -lion, mouse, crocodile, giraffe, rabbit, elephant, dog (poodle), frog, antelope, rabbit, and rhino.

    The method of making different types of quilled coils, quilled cups, and cones is described in the booklet provided in the kit. Only special instructions for each animal and recommended composition of the quilled papers are given in the manual.

    Although the mix of paper strips used for each animal is given, you are free to use your own composition.

  • ToyKraft Make Jewellry Bash, Multi Color

    Techniques used for paper beads remains largely the same as used in victorian times, but nowadays many diverse media are used. These include scrap paper from printing companies and paper recycling markets, preprinted sheets or even self designed concepts on plain paper. You can make two sets of paper rolled beads used for jewellery from this kit one like the graphics on the box and another personalized as per your style. The chokers and bracelets look very traditional and happening. You can make this set by following the instructions in the manual provided. Once ready, wear it to make your friends green with envy.
  • Toykraft Make Dainty Danglers

    • Make Paper Quilling - Earrings & Pendant
    • Contents: Paper strips (3mm): 1 packet Paper strips (5mm): 1 packet Quilling tool: 1 Adhesive: 1
    • Gemstones: 1 packet Jump rings: 2 pairs Earring hooks: 2 pairs
    • Quilling Instructions Instruction manual for Dainty Danglers
  • ToyKraft Cash Cow

    Includes Several Contents The set includes 1 terracotta pot in the shape of a cow, 1 tub of acrylic paint (skin tint), 6 colours of tempera paint, 1 plastic stopper and 1 paint brush, along with an instruction manual. Develops Creative Skills Ideal for kids between the ages of 8 and 13 years, this art and craft kit allows your little one to use his/her imagination and creativity to the fullest extent. For older kids, it is a great form of self-expression; it is also a great way to teach children how good it feels to finish a project. Artistic Project and Useable Result This cash cow not only provides a great opportunity for young kids to express themselves creatively, but it also can be used as a money box, wherein children learn the value of saving up money for the future.
  • ToyKraft – Sand Art Sandsational Madhubani | Art & Craft

    39446 - Sandsational Madhubani 1

    Sand art pictures on Madhubani art outlines........... Beautiful designs from the old times

    The picture templates which carry the Madhubani art form are specially created considering a younger target audience. The idea behind this craft is to stimulate the interests of the children in the rich art culture of India.

    The picture templates use Madhubani motifs which a child can identify with – Nandi, the holy cow grazing in the greens; the very famous peacock pairs appearing like mirrored images; fish entwined as an inset within a peacock; the blazing Sun God – Surya as an example of tattooed art; a palm tree along with key elements of the Sun and fish etc…

    Art and Craft material provided in this kit

    39446 - Sandsational Madhubani 2


    All the pictures carry decorative double-line borders and semi-detailed interior. There is ample scope for the child to express its artistic talent within the framework of these pictures. They have a choice either of line-work or filling sand in the empty spaces. As in the original art form – combination of both the techniques is adopted. First it is important to decide the inset regions where line-work would be pursued as it would difficult to do so after the sand has already been stuck. Moreover some of the adhered sand might get unstuck during the line-work.

    For the line-work first decide on the spaces where it needs to be done. Straight and slanting closely parallel lines are most preferred. One can use a pencil first before the final line-work with a black marker pen. Sometimes short and spaced outlines are used, usually to indicate water. The angles of the parallel line work may change according to the spatial needs of the areas.

    Art and Craft activity

    39446 - Sandsational Madhubani

    Sand density

    Just like in painting, shading effects are also possible by control of the amount of sand used. The pictures shown on the box cover reveal to the artist this possibility. Wherever accentuation is required the sand can by piled on, creating higher layers – almost giving a 3-D effect to the picture. In contrast wherever one needs to tone down the colour, the sand is spread out very sparsely. Sand density plays an important role in Sand art.

    Once the child has completed these sand art pictures it would be a great idea to picture-frame some of them. The framed art will constantly remind the child of its creative ability.