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  • Philips Avent 260ml Classic Plus Feeding Bottle (Single Pack), White Colour


    Clinically Proven to Reduce Colic and Discomfort**

    Clinically proven to reduce colic and discomfort**, the anti-colic baby bottle helps your baby sleep well and digest properly. Unlike other bottles, the airflex venting system reduces air ingestion. As your baby feeds, the valve that is integrated into the nipple flexes to allow air into the bottle to prevent vacuum build up and vents the air to the back of the bottle. It keeps air in the bottle away from the baby’s tummy to help reduce gas, spit-up and burping.

    Easy to Hold, Clean and Assemble

    With only 4 parts, a wide bottle neck, and rounded corners, these bottles are easy to clean quickly and thoroughly. The anti-colic bottle is designed to prevent leakage while feeding, for a truly enjoyable feeding experience for parents and baby.

    Clear markings on the bottles ensure accurate measurement and make it simple to determine how much your baby has eaten. All components of the Anti-colic bottles are BPA free.

    Nipple Design Helps Prevent Nipple Collapse for Uninterrupt

    The anti-colic bottle nipple shape allows for secure latch and the ribbed texture helps prevent nipple collapse for uninterrupted, comfortable feeding.

    Slow-Flow Nipples are Ideal for Babies 1 Month+

    Philips Avent slow-flow nipples are a dual-hole extra-soft silicone nipple intended for infants older than one month, yet they can be used by breastfed babies of all ages. Working with your baby's natural feeding rhythm, the nipples let your baby control the flow, which can help reduce overeating and spit-up.

  • Philips Avent Bendy Twin Handle Straw Cup – 200 ml

    The Philips Avent Bendy Straw Cup is the ideal choice for the growing, active toddler. This dentist recommended cup was developed alongside experts in order to make it best straw cup yet and one that allows for healthy oral development. The cup's contoured shape and anti-slip grips make it easy for little hands to hold. The cup is the perfect size to keep your 9 Months+ child hydrated throughout the day and through active times. The integrated anti-leak valve prevents spills and the flip-top keeps the straw hygienic and prevents leakage while on-the-go. The cup comes with a with a 100% Leak-proof 30-day Money Back Guarantee in the case it should not deliver on this leak-proof promise. For safety and convenience, this product is BPA-Free, dishwasher safe and compatible with all Philips Avent bottles & most other sippy cups.
  • Philips Avent Sipper with Straw 200ml

    Philips Avent my bendy straw cup. Dentist recommended cup. Allows healthy oral development. With bent straw easy drinking until the last drop. Soft straw is gentle on gums. It has flip-top lid to keep straw clean on-the-go. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It is BPA proof.
  • Philips Avent Natural Bottle 330ml Single


    Flexible, anti-collapse ribbed teat design

    Petals and ridges inside the teat allow flexibility without collapse, for an uninterrupted feed.

    Anti-colic valve designed to reduce colic and discomfort

    Anti-colic valve designed to keep air away from your baby’s tummy, to help reduce colic and discomfort.

    Natural latch on due to the wide breast shaped teat

    The wide breast shaped teat promotes a natural latch on similar to the breast, making it easy for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding.
  • Philips Avent Premium Spout Cup White and Light Blue Sipper Bottle 200 ML

    Ideal First Step to a Drinking Cup Thanks to the angled spout, your toddler can sip from this cup with ease without tilting his or her head back. This way, your kid's neck can develop in a natural position. Your toddler's tiny hands will be able to comfortable and firmly grip the soft-touch trainer handles.