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  • Tiny Toes T40 AceTricycle – EVA Wheels, 360 Rotatable Seat, Adjustable Canopy, Parental Control, Front & Rear Baskets



    Make your kid’s evenings fun with R for Rabbit Tiny Toes T40 Ace! This BIS-certified tricycle is made to keep all safety standards in mind for your little one. Equipped with an adjustable canopy, parental control, and footrest on both sides; Tiny Toes T40 Ace ensures complete comfort for your baby’s trikes. To help you carry your kid’s necessities, there are front and back baskets and a cup holder. Not just this, R for Rabbit Tiny Toes T40 Ace also has a 360-degree rotatable seat so you can engage with your baby and spend some quality time with them. Get R for Rabbit Tiny Toes T40 Ace tricycle for your kid today and add smart rides to their evenings.
  • R for Rabbit Little Feet Convertible Baby Walker

    Bring ease and comfort to your baby’s step with the R for Rabbit’s Little Feet walker. This walker is not only ISI certified but made with high-quality material to ensure the complete safety of your baby. It also has auxiliary anti-brake pads to prevent the baby from falling down stairs while sitting in the walker. You can also adjust the seat and height of the walker as per their comfort as well as the speed of the wheel for their convenience. Turn R for Rabbit’s Little Feet walker to a push walker with a push of a button after your baby is 12 months old. Its toy bar comes with cute toys to play with and a detachable mechanism to easily turn into a food-grade made meal tray. When done with the walker, just fold it and store it easily anywhere in our house. Get the best of both walkers and push walkers with R for Rabbit’s Little Feet walker.
  • R For Rabbit Candy Pop Booster Chair



    Make your child join the family at the family dinner table with R for Rabbit Candy Pop the stylish booster chair for kids. Candy Pop Booster chair for kids comes with a vibrant colored adorable design and all the safety features your child needs to enjoy the meals together safely. While this booster chair will get easy setup on the dining chair and can also be adjusted up to 4 levels. With the perfect build quality and smooth design, this kids booster chair is also perfect for your little munchkin. It's lightweight and gets really compact when folded to store in any corner of the home. So welcome this kid's booster chair at your home for your kid and let him/her indulge with joy during mealtime.
  • R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Stroller – Travel Friendly, Easy To Fold, Reversible Handle, Wheel Lock, Adjustable Leg Rest

    Key Features
    • Safety 1st – Lollipop stroller is designed considering the safety aspect. You need to be worry-free while using this Baby Stroller and Pram
    • Front Wheels and Suspension - The Best suspension with a 6.5-inch wheel designed to give the smoothest ride to your baby while strolling.
    • Welcome to the Fold – Push the Bar below with your hand or foot and Pram folds itself. It's so simple that you will say that it's Child’s play.
    • Reversible Handle - Most easy and safe design for a Reversible Handle to see your baby’s smile while strolling.
    • 3 Position Recline - Simple mechanism to make the seat recline to 3 positions and give your baby the most comfortable ride
    • 5 Point Safety Harness - Got 5 point Safety Harness to hold your baby in the safest position while strolling.
    • Huge Storage Basket - Lollipop Lite stroller has got huge storage basket to keep everything that you want while Strolling or going shopping.
    • Adjustable Leg Rest: Lollipop Lite baby stroller and Pram has got 2 positions Adjustable Leg Rest to make your baby comfortable while
  • R For Rabbit Ginny and Johnny Stroller – Compact Fold, Dual Basket, Multi-Postion Recline Seat, Rear Brake


    Twins are the greatest surprise to the parents because the happiness just doubles after the having twins added to a family. R for Rabbit lets you enjoy the walk with you twin babies with Ginny & Johnny twins’ stroller. R for Rabbit Jinny and Johnny twin’s stroller is a smart stroller made to comfort your babies while they are on a ride to beautiful outdoors. The most unique thing about this stroller is that its designed for umbrella fold which makes it a very compact and easy to carry outdoors and to store indoors too. Jinny and Jonny is a must have travel partner for your twins.
  • R for Rabbit Picaboo 4 in 1 Multipurpose Baby Carry Cot Cum Car Seat, Colorful

    Key Features: Age: 0 to 15 Months. Weight: 0 to 13 Kgs. Car Seat- It is suitable for Infant from 0-13  kgs or from 0 months – 15 months. Luxurious and Lightweight Design - Lightweight Design with Side Impact Protection with deep softly padded side wings to give safe ride and comfort to your baby. Multi Positions/4 in 1 - Picaboo can be used as Infant Baby Car seat, Carry Cot, Rocker and Feeding Chair as well when used in different position. Integrated canopy - Comes with inbuilt canopy to give the best protection to your Baby under sunlight Removable and Washable Cover - It comes with removable and washable cover to clean it regularly Adjustable 3 Point Safety Belt  - Designed to adjust Safety Belt as per your Child comfort and Height 4 position handle adjustment – Adjustable handle in 4 different positions to use Picaboo in 4 different ways. Making it a right choice for your baby!
  • R For Rabbit 4 in 1 Cherry Berry Grand High Chair – Convertible, Removable Tray, Non Slippery-Anti Tipping


    Key Features:

    Safety 1stCherry Berry Grand is passed through the most stringent Safety certification of European Nation EN 14988 making it the Most Safe for your Little One. Age: 06 Months to 7 Years. Weight: 0 to 20 Kgs. Non-Slippery & Anti-Tipping  – Cherry Berry Grand’s non-slippery and anti-tipping design allows the High Chair to remain stable in any condition Optimal Backrest Design- Cherry Berry Grand brings the most suitable posture angle to make children sit, comfortably to train for good dining habits Arc Design without Acute Angle – Cherry Berry Grand brings Arc Design to remove sharp edges and avoid the risk of even a scratch to your little one Convertible to Booster Seat - Cherry Berry’s Grand Innovative Design allows you to convert a High Chair to Booster Seat. Convertible to Study Table & Chair: Cherry Berry Grand can be converted into Study Table & Chair. 5 point Safety Harness – 5 point safety harness allows you to secure your child while dining Removable Tray – Dining Tray can be easily removed to use High Chair directly with the Table or to be used as a Study Desk
  • R For Rabbit Marshmallow High Chair – 7 Level Height Adjustment, 3 Recline Modes, Adjustable & Removable Double Meal Tray

    Key Features: Certified for safety: Marshmallow is EN14988 Safety Certified which is one of the most stringent certifications defined by European Standards for baby high chairs. Marshmallow is tested for mechanical strength and quality of color & parts used. Age: 6 Months to 5 Years. Weight: 0 to 20 Kgs Smart Folding function: Marshmallow is a high-quality folding chair suitable for making the most of your limited space. It can be folded and stowed away easily. Adjustable & Removable Double Meal Tray: Marshmallow features a smart one-hand removable meal tray with 3 positions plus a dishwasher safe upper tray, making it easy to clean after messy mealtimes. 7-level height adjustable: Marshmallow grows with your child with 7 height positions. As your kid grows you can raise the seat to different height positions or you can match the height of your dining table with your baby seat. 3-recline modes with adjustable footrest: Marshmallow boasts 3 recline angles including a recline for nap time. Recline modes are perfect for reading a story or resting. The adjustable footrest complements the seat position providing maximum comfort to your baby. Five Point Harness: 5 point harness keeps your active baby safely fastened & comfortable at all times. Optimal back-rest design: Marshmallow provides the most suitable posture angle & adequate padding to make your child sit comfortably and train for good dining habits.
  • R for Rabbit Giraffe Teether – Yellow 1’s

    Safety 1st: R for Rabbit Giraffe Teether is made with 100% hygienic food-grade Silicone which is completely safe for baby’s use. Multiple teething surfaces: This teether has a textured design that gives baby an interesting feel while they are chewing it Soft edges: The edges of this pacifier are so soft and gentle on your baby’s gums to ensure it soothes them down BPA Free: R for Rabbit Giraffe Teether is 100% BPA free and very easy to clean making it very hygienic. Cute Design: The design of R for Rabbit Giraffe Teether is extremely cute and also comes with two handles so the baby can easily hold it while playing with it.
  • R For Rabbit Steebo Giffy SS Baby Spout Sipper 300 ML (Pink)

    Safety 1st: Your baby’s safety is always our priority. That’s why we have bought this BPA-free Spout Sipper made with Stainless Steel and PP. Double wall insulation: We understand the importance of the temperature of food your baby consumes and have assured us to maintain the same with our 304 double wall insulation of Steebo Giffy Spout Sipper. Cute Handles: Teaching your baby to feed on its own has never been easier. Its cute handles with a firm grip enable them to feed independently. Soft Silicone Spout: The spout of this Spout Sipper is made with food-grade silicone which is soft on baby’s gums and extremely safe for their use. Cap to maintain hygiene: R for Rabbit Steebo Giffy Spout Sipper comes with a cap so you can maintain complete hygiene of your baby’s food. It is also extremely easy to clean and wash. Leakproof: Its leak proof design helps you have mess-free outings and lets you be worry-free if the baby is feeding on their own. Free Feeding Nipple: Now, get an extra feeding nipple free with this Feeding Spout Sipper.
  • R For Rabbit Steebo Giffy SS Baby Spout Sipper 300 ML (Green)

    Safety 1st: Your baby’s safety is always our priority. That’s why we have bought this BPA-free Spout Sipper made with Stainless Steel and PP. Double wall insulation: We understand the importance of the temperature of food your baby consumes and have assured us to maintain the same with our 304 double wall insulation of Steebo Giffy Spout Sipper. Cute Handles: Teaching your baby to feed on its own has never been easier. Its cute handles with a firm grip enable them to feed independently. Soft Silicone Spout: The spout of this Spout Sipper is made with food-grade silicone which is soft on baby’s gums and extremely safe for their use. Cap to maintain hygiene: R for Rabbit Steebo Giffy Spout Sipper comes with a cap so you can maintain complete hygiene of your baby’s food. It is also extremely easy to clean and wash. Leakproof: Its leak proof design helps you have mess-free outings and lets you be worry-free if the baby is feeding on their own. Free Feeding Nipple: Now, get an extra feeding nipple free with this Feeding Spout Sipper.
  • R For Rabbit Steebo Crescent SS Baby Spout Sipper 240 ML (Pink)

    Safety 1st: R for Rabbit Steebo Crescent Feeding Spout Sipper is BPA as it is made with PP and Stainless Steel which is super safe for baby’s usage. Double-wall insulation: You can maintain the temperature of milk or water in the spout sipper for a longer duration as Steebo Crescent Spout Sipper comes with 304 double-wall insulation. Cute Handles: Your baby can drink from this very conveniently by holding it using the handles with a firm grip. Soft Silicone Nipple: The nipple of this feeding spout sipper is made with food-grade silicone which is soft on baby’s gums and extremely safe for their use. Hygiene Cap: Steebo Crescent Feeding Spout Sipper by R for Rabbit comes with a cap to maintain the hygiene of the bottle. This bottle is even easy to wash and clean so you don’t have to worry while feeding your baby from it. Leakproof: The design of Steebo Crescent feeding Spout Sipper ensures there’s no leakage so you can have hassle-free travels. Free Feeding Nipple: Now, get an extra feeding nipple free with this Feeding Spout Sipper.
  • R For Rabbit Sugar Pop Baby Stroller – 3 Position Seat Recline, Easy One Hand Fold, Reversible Handle, UV Resistant Sun Conopy


    Key Features:

    Age: 0 to 3 Years Weight Capacity: Max 20 Kg
    • Safety 1st: This baby stroller is EN 1888 Certified for safety to ensure safety & comfortable ride
    • Luxurious Design: Sugar Pop Stroller’s rich linen inspired fabric design for a prominent luxurious & stylish look
    • Reversible Handle: Simply switch front or back facing stroller with help of a reversible handle
    • Easy One-Hand Fold: Easy one-hand fold mechanism makes the stroller user-friendly for parents.
    • Multiple Recline: Adjust to recline position of the baby with multiple recline options for comfy strolling time
  • R for Rabbit First Play Safari Baby Play Gym, Activity Play Gym Mat, Portable Playmat with Soft Hanging Toys for 2+ Month Babies, Infant, Toddlers



    BIS Safety Certified:  R for Rabbit’s First Play Safari is BIS Safety certified and made with super soft material for the extreme comfort of your baby. Breathable Mesh: See-through mesh to help you keep a watch on your little one even from distance and maintain air circulation for your tiny tot to reduce perspiration while they play. Soft Cushioning & Toys: Specially designed to give total comfort to your baby, this play gym has soft cushioning and cute toys so your baby can enjoy their mat time Helps in Skill Development: Playing on the mat will help your baby develop great hand-eye coordination and also helps boost cognitive skills Cute Safari Theme: With vibrant and cute illustrations, R for Rabbit First Play Safari Play Gym is extremely adorable
  • R For Rabbit Baby Nest Lite Bed – Easy Compact Fold, Zip Clouser, Carry Like Bag, Travel Friendly



    Safety 1st: This baby nest lite bed is made with 100% cotton which is a completely breathable & soft material to give safe comfy time to your baby Travel Friendly: When folded this baby bed is easy to carry and can be taken outdoors. Comfortable: Super soft  100% cotton material and cushioned edges give a relaxing time in the baby bed set Compact Design: Fold the baby bed and chain it up and it will get compact and occupy less space Side Pillows: Small cute side pillows inside the infant bed acts as a safety barrier for baby
  • R For Rabbit Bubble Double Elite Bath Tub (Orange)

    Key Features: Safety 1st - Designed as per safety standards and made out of best plastic material to give strong and safe Product to your little one Grows with your Baby -It can be adjusted with the growth of your Baby! Can be used as bath tub when your baby starts sitting independently. Ideal for 0-3 years baby. Temperature Sensitive Plug – Bubble double bathtub comes with Temperature sensitive Plug which changes the color if the temperature of the water in the baby tub is hot. Innovative Design - Innovative & unique design that can be folded and stored in small space. Your best companion for travel and for easy storage. Strong support Legs - Equipped with strong support legs with non-slippery material that makes it usable on any flat surface Tags: Baby Bath Tubs, Bath Tubs, Baby Bather, Bather, New Born Bather, Infant Bath Tubs, Portable Bath Tub, Folding Bath Tub, Bathtubs for baby
  • R For Rabbit Little Feet Plus Walker – Detachable Toy Bar/Meal Tray With Music & Light, 3 Level Height/4 Level Seat Adjustment

    KEY FEATURES: Safety 1st: R for Rabbit Little Feet Plus walker is ISI certified for the complete safety and security of your baby. 2-in-1 Walker cum Rocker: Let them enjoy their walk or switch the walker to rocking mode by installing a horse base and watch them enjoy their rocks. Detachable Toy Bar with Meal Tray: Little Feet Plus walker comes with a tray with in-built cute toys and fun music and lights for your baby’s play time. When they get hungry, detach the tray to convert it into a meal tray and feed them with their favorite food. Multi-level adjustment: R for Rabbit Little Feet Plus walkers comes with 3 level height adjustment and 4 level seat adjustment so you baby can comfortably use the walker Easy to store: Extremely portable and easy to store, Little Feet Plus can be folded with just a push of a button and carried or stored anywhere you want.   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Product Dimensions: 73cms (L) x 63cms (W) x 61cms (H) Package Dimensions: 64cms (L) x 15cms (W) x 74cms (H) Net Weight: 3.1kgs Gross Weight: 4.1kgs Age Group: 6-18 months Weight Capacity: Upto 15 kgs Manufactured In: India Colors Available: Blue / Green /Pink
  • R For Rabbit Road Runner Drift Scooter – Metal Body, 3 Level Height Adjustment, Anti Slip Deck (Red)



    Safety 1st: R for Rabbit Road Runner Drift is BIS Safety Certified to ensure the complete safety of your kid 3-Level Height Adjustment: It comes with 3-level height adjustments so you can easily adjust the height of the handle as per your baby’s comfort Metal Body: The frame is made with high-quality metal assuring a durable structure so your baby can enjoy smooth rides for a long time Easy to Fold: Road Runner Drift has an easy-to-fold mechanism to help you store it anywhere easily or carry it outdoors wherever you go. PVC Wheels & Rear Brake: You can enjoy the smoothest rides as the wheels are made of PVC and can also quickly stop the scooter anytime using its rear brake  


    Package Dimensions: 61.3cms(L) x 13.7cms(W) x 21.5cms(H) Package Weight: 2.95kgs Product Dimensions: 64cms(L) x 15cms(W) x 75 cms(H) Product Weight: 2.44kgs Age Group: 2+ Years Weight Capacity: Up to 80 Kg Colors Available: Red Black & Pure Black Country Of Origin: India
  • R For Rabbit Road Runner Junior Scooter – 3 Level Height Adjustment, Anti Slip Deck



    Safety First: Road Runner Junior is BIS Safety Certified and makes ride time absolutely safe. Easy To Install: Takes just 2 minutes to install the scooter and then it’s ready to roll 3-Level Height Adjustment:  This kick scooter grows with your child as its handle height can be adjusted up to 3 levels. Next-Gen Design: Smart design of the scooter will make your child fall in love with it. PVC Wheels: Top-quality PVC wheels make the scooter ride smoother Rear Brake:  Rear foot brake helps the child to control the speed while riding the scooter  


    Age Group:  2-4yrs Weight Capacity: Up to 50 Kgs Net Weight of Product: 2.1kgs Gross Weight: 2.5kgs Colors: Blue & Black Material: High Quality Plastic Material Product Dimensions: 54cms (L) x 24cms(W) x 72cms(H)  Wheels: 11cms Package Dimensions: 56cms(L)  x 18cms(W)  x 26cms(H)
  • R For Rabbit Tiny Toes T10 Ace Tricycle – Front & Back Basket, Seat Belt


    Key Features 

    Safety Features: BIS Safety Certified tricycle to make every ride safe for the child Easy to install: Simply just plug & play with the tricycle and its ready to ride Comfy Seating:  Now your child can enjoy the ride for a longer duration with Tiny Toes T10 Ace EVA Wheels: Top-quality EVA wheels makes the ride smooth and fun Front & Rear Basket: Child can carry their little cute toys and necessary items in the basket while they play along with their friends. High-Quality Frame: Top quality metal frame to give strength to the tricycle.
  • R For Rabbit Tiny Toes T20 Ace Tricycle – 2 in 1, EVA Wheels, Adjustable Parental Control, Cup Holder


    Key Features

    Safety First: Tiny Toes T20 Ace tricycle is a BIS Safety Certified tricycle for kids. It is loaded with safety features to make riding time absolutely safe for your little one. Classy Design: Cute elegant design tricycle is truly adorable for your baby. Plug & Play: The tricycle is very easy to install as it comes with Plug & Play feature Top Quality EVA Wheels: High-quality EVA wheels make the tricycle run smoothly and let your child have fun. Adjustable Parental Control: Smart-looking parental control to keep the tricycle on a safe track Front & Rear Basket:  Lets the child take the small little toys and necessities together s
  • R for Rabbit Premium First Feed Soft Silicon Nibbler for Babies | Hygenic & BPA Free| Baby Fruit & Food Veggie Teether


    About this item

    • Safety 1st: This nibbler for baby is made of Safe & Non-Toxic, BPA Free Silicone material which is absolutely safe for child
    • Inspire Self Feeding: Child will love to eat fruit/veggie on his own as the design of nibbler is small and cute and can be easily handled by child
    • Teether: Child can chew the mesh when it is filled with tasty fruit/veggie which will help it to ease out the irritation in gums and stimulate mouth muscles.
    • Cover For hygiene: BPA free cover to keep the food/eatable in the nibbler safe from germs or getting spoiled. It will help the parent to take the nibbler in the bag/purse for the little one while going outdoors.
    • Handle for Ease: Nibbler’s handle is smooth and easy to grip by the baby while enjoying the delicious foods.
  • R For Rabbit Silicone Feeding Bottle Spoon

    Key Features For Age: 4 Months + Safety 1st:  First Feed Silicone Feeder is made of Food Grade Silicone Material which is BPA Free. It's absolutely safe to feed your child. Soft Spoon: Baby feeder comes with soft silicone feeder which makes it easy to intake the food/liquid and will not hurt the baby’s gums Easy To Use:  First Feed Feeder can be used by simply holding it with one hand and pressing the soft silicone container to bring food on the spoon and feed the baby. Dust cover: It comes with a dust cover to keep the spoon hygienic. For Mix Of Foods: This baby spoon feeder can be used to feed juices, cereal, mashed rice, veggies, all kinds of semi-solids and so on. Kindly Note: The Product is Non-Returnable, As per the hygiene clause
  • R For Rabbit Safe Feed Flexi Spoon Set

    Key Features: Safety First: R for Rabbit Duo Spoons are made with TPE, Food Grade PP, and Steel Wire which is BPA & Phthalates Free promising complete safety of your baby. 360 Degree Bendable: Both spoon and fork are flexible and their front part can be bent in any direction so your baby can easily while playing. Anti-slip handle: Now even your baby can comfortably hold the spoon or fork to feed himself with an easy-to-hold anti-slip handle. Soft on Gums: Designed in a way to feel soft on baby’s gums, the edges of this set are made super soft. Compatible: It is extremely safe to use in the oven, microwave, freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Kindly Note: As per the hygiene clause, this Product is Non-Returnable.
  • R for Rabbit Snozzy Baby Spout Sippy Cup Bottle Soft Silicon Spout- 240 ML

    Introduce your baby to a fun sipping time with R for Rabbit Snozzy Baby Spout Cup. Made with Polypropylene & Silicone, this spout cup is BPA and Phthalates free making it very safe for your baby. R for Rabbit Snozzy Spout cup for baby is soft Silicone spout which is extremely gentle on your baby’s emerging teeth and gums as well. With its smooth handles and super cute design, this spout cup looks like a toy which babies fall in love with. R for Rabbit Snozzy Spout cup is also very convenient to sip from for your baby and is hassle-free for you due to its leakage-proof design. Get this amazing spout sipper for your baby today!
  • R for Rabbit Penguin Spout Sipper Cup 180 ml Bottle


    About this item

    • Cute shaped design of spout cup appears like toy to baby and makes it more loveable & easily adapted by him/her. 
    • Spout cup is made of food-grade Polypropylene material and its spout is made of soft silicone material which gently helps massage child's gum while chewing.
    • Flexible soft spout helps the child to intake the liquids with ease. It is so soft that child soft gums and lips will not get any harm. 
    • Child can independently drink liquids from spout cup by holding it from both the sides by the smooth handles
  • R for Rabbit Bunny Baby Spout Sippy Cup Bottle -240 ML

    Trouble teaching your baby how to sip without any spillage? We’ve got you with R for Rabbit Bunny Baby Spout Sippy Cup! This spout cup made with Polypropylene & Silicone is BPA free making it entirely safe for your baby. R for Rabbit Bunny spout sipper doesn’t harm the environment either by being completely phthalates free. While the cute design attracts the baby, its silicone ears act as a teether and soothe the gums of babies while their teeth are emerging. Smooth handles of R for Rabbit Bunny Baby Spout Sippy cup will ensure a firm grip while its leak-proof bottle gives them a spill-free sipping experience. Get them this cute Bunny Bay Spout Sippy Cup today and set them on a path of independent and joyous sipping journey.
  • R For Rabbit Bubble Sipper Bottle – 300 ml

    Key Features For Age: 9 Months + Safety 1st : The baby sipper is made of Poly Propylene material which is BPA Free and completely safe for the child Leakage Free / Spill Proof:  Uniquely designed weighted straw makes it spill-free and liquids can be dispensed at any angle giving more freedom to child. Weighted Straw: No matter which way your munchkin chooses to tilt their head, this straw moves with them, ensuring that they can get liquid smoothly at any angle. Flip Lid:  Flip lid makes the sipper spill-proof, keeps the straw hygienic and makes the sipper travel friendly without spoiling your bag Smooth handle:  Child can hold the sipper with 2 handles and drink at any angle giving them more independence. Cute Design: Cute panda design will lure your child and enjoy the drinking time. Kindly Note: The Product is Non Returnable, As per the hygiene clause
  • R For Rabbit Baloo Baby Straw Sipper Bottle – 300 ML

    Take your kid a step closer to independence with R for Rabbit Baloo Baby Straw Sipper. This BPA-free sipper is made of PolyPropylene and Silicone material which is completely safe for the baby. Its weighted straw ensures that the baby can drink easily from any direction by moving where your baby moves and keeping the flow of liquid consistent. While its handles help the baby to grip the sipper firmly, its spill-proof cap promises no leakage while you’re on the go. Teach your kids to sip their favorite liquids on their own with R for Rabbit Baloo Baby Straw Sipper.
  • R for Rabbit First Feed Baby Silicon Feeding Bottle with Anti Colic for New Born Babies


    About this item

    • <br>Made with soft skin-like material which makes baby feel his/her mother close by and give a soothing, calming touch, and better grip while feeding.
    • <br>Smart Air Vent for smart flow which removes the unnecessary air intake for smooth milk flow and make feeding more comfortable.
    • <br>First Feed Silicone Baby Bottles are made of BPA Free + Phthalate-Free silicone material which is absolutely safe for baby
    • <br>Super soft teat with flexible design to mimic the breastfeeding moment for baby and make the feeding time smoother.
    • <br>The soft silicone bottle is skin like material and the teat mimics breastfeeding, makes the child feel comfortable and easy to feed.
  • R for Rabbit Protector Socket Cover Guards Pack of 6 – White


    Key Features

    Safety Feature: Keeps your child safe even if he/she touches the electrical socket Easy to install: Simply plug the baby proofing electrical protector in the electrical socket 6 Unit Pack:  6 cute-looking baby-proofing electrical protectors to keep your baby safe from shocks Cute Looks: Adorn your electrical board with cute-looking electrical guards for babies.
  • R for Rabbit Transparent Protector Corner Cushion Guards Pack of 8 – White

    Key Features:
    • Easy installation and removal
    • Transparent material to match your decor
    • Long lasting quality
    • Protect your babies from corner injuries
  • R for Rabbit Stylo All In One Grooming Kit

    Key Features:
    • Nasal aspirator is specifically designed for babies with an ultra-soft and thin nozzle
    • Conveniently clean the mucus from the baby's nostril
    • Toothbrush is made of textured silicone and is completely safe for the usage of babies over 3 months
    • Gentle on the gums and helps for a relieved teething process
    • Scissors has non-slip handles and is small for ease of trimming baby nails
    • Design of nail cutter has a comfy grip for effortless trimming of baby's nails
  • R For Rabbit – Stylo Nail Care Set – Blue

    Description: Clipping your baby’s nails will never be easier. With R for Rabbit Nail Care set, you get this amazing combo of nail filer, nail cutter and nail scissors. The set is made with BPA free plastic and is carefully designed to ensure no harm is caused to babies while you trim and groom their nails. The nail filer is very gentle on baby’s nails and can help smoothen edges of nails easily. The nail cutter comes with a comfortable grip and has an arc shaped design so the baby's fingers don’t get hurt. The scissors have rounded heads with anti-slip handles to make trimming nails easy. Get R for Rabbit Nail Care set today and give your baby the ultimate nail grooming experience.
  • R For Rabbit Feather Diapers – Next Gen Baby Diapers That Breathes

    Give your baby a happy diaper journey with R for Rabbit Feather Diapers, the best premium diapers in India. It's 10 Million* Breathable pores allow the air to easily pass through, making these best baby diapers highly breathable and work as a rash guard for your baby. Feather Diapers are also Leak-Proof and have instant 12-hour* super absorbency to ensure your baby can have unlimited fun during the day and uninterrupted sleep through the night. As the softest diapers for sensitive skin, these best diapers in India give your baby 360-degree elasticity to enjoy their playtime and prevent heaviness and discomfort. While its wetness indicator changes the color to blue, indicating it is time for a change, its disposable tape helps hygienically discard newborn baby diapers.
  • R For Rabbit Manual Feeding Breast Pump


    R for Rabbit First Feed Manual Feeding Breast Pump for Moms

    We all know the importance of mother’s milk and how nutritious it is & plays a major role in child’s growth, but what if you are not available around your baby or going outdoors with your little one? R for Rabbit brings smart Manual Breast Pump for the smart moms of today to keep their source of baby’s growth uninterrupted. R for Rabbit Manual Breast Pumps technology is made to mimic the child’s suction pattern and its purely safe way to express the milk out. So, whether you are at work or going to attend any function or market, you can anytime carry the milk for your tiny tot.