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  • Zapak Tactic When Was The Last Time Board Game

    Contains 1200 questions in Four categories :
    • Everyday  (things we do)
    • Leisure (thinds we do in our free time)
    • done without doing (things we dont exactly do, but do without noticing it, or things that happen to us)
    • Miscellaneous
    players : 3 to 6 Duration : 45 +min
  • Reliance Brands Sort It Out! Game

    Age  12 years +
    Number of players 2-6 Players
    Brand University Games
    Material Cardstock
    Item dimensions L x W x H 27 x 27 x 7 centimetres
    • The fun family game of putting things in order
    • A battle of wits for old friends and family
    • Huge variety of fun and interesting topics
    • Everybody plays together so no having to wait your turn
  • Funskool Peppa Pig – ABC Game

    • Abc game explore the alphabets with peppa pig
    • Letter recondition, color matching, taking turns, counting
    • Contents: game board, 26 picture/letter tiles, peppa pig pawn with stand, instrucion sheet
  • Funskool Briarpatch I Spy Preschool Game

    • Match Riddles with Pictures
    • When all the pairs are completed, everyone wins!
    • Age: 3+
  • Funskool The Game of Cricket, Sport board Game, Cricket game for kids and family, 2 – 4 players

    product featue image
    Strategic Board Game

    This board game develops the decision-making skills of little ones. It assists kids in making strategic decisions to change the course of the game and keep the opponent on defence. It also enables a player to become the captain and lead the team to win.

    product featue image
    Inside the Box

    This cricket board game includes 120 cards with 98 batting cards and 22 bowling cards. It also includes 1 dice, 11 blue pawns, 11 red pawns and 2 black pawns. The multi-colour cricket board is designed to instantly encourage your kids to play.

    product featue image
    Excellent for Gifting

    This competitive board game by Funskool can be a perfect gift for cricket enthusiasts. It can be enjoyed and played by both adults and children. The compact board size enables the little ones to enjoy the game both indoors and outdoors.

  • Funskool Deluxe chess

    • A Premium wooden storage box cum chess board for easy storage & long lasting durability
    • 16 Black & 16 White pieces
    • Portable for on the go fun
  • Funskool Games Cake Fractions

    Feeling hungry! Then cake fractions is the perfect game for you. Spin the spinner, to see how much cake you can take, but remember you can only have one flavour on your plate at a time. Fill your plate with a cake and pick up a menu card matching the flavour. The first player to collect all 4 menu cards is the winner.
  • Funskool Rummikub Xpress

    With brilliant simplicity, Rummikub provides hours of amusement, each game as different as the combinations of moves you choose to play! To be the first player to go "Rummikub" by using all tiles in "RUNS" or "GROUPS" and by accumulating the highest score. Outwit your opponent with cool strategy and sharp moves. Be the first to lay down all your tiles and go "Rummikub!" Use the joker with caution...
  • Funskool Guess Who Travel Game

    Being a parent, you need to keep pace with the needs and demands of your growing child and fulfill them with absolute perfection. So, you can consider Funskool in this respect. It is renowned brand that designs exclusive games and toys for children, who love to spend their leisure time with its range of specially created products. In order to let the little kid indulge into more fun and excitement, why don't you welcome home the thoroughly interesting Funskool Travel Guess Who? To play the game, you need to have two players and the average time required to complete a single game is something around ten minutes. It is an exciting mystery game for children that can be rapidly arranged for. Well, would you like to know a bit more about the game? It is basically a guessing game and comes with numerous faces. The player has to eliminate the wrong ones and will also have to guess what the opponent has in hand.
  • Funskool Travel games Cluedo

    Reclusive millionaire Samuel Black's been murdered in his mansion. Now it's up to you to crack the case. Question everything to unravel the mystery. Who did it? Where? And with what weapon? Ransack the mansion for clues, ask cunning detective questions and leave no card unturned. Solve the murder first to win. Ages 8 and over. Product description: Become the next Sherlock Holmes and put you detective skills to the test with Cluedo. The classic who-dunnit game is back with a modern twist and features new characters and a two-player version. Reclusive millionaire Samuel Black has been murdered in his mansion and it's up to you to crack the case. Investigate everything to unravel the mystery and leave no card unturned. Ransack the mansion for clues and ask cunning questions - Who did it? Where? And with what weapon? Solve the murder first to win the game. Full of suspense, Cludeo is suitable for 2-6 players aged 8 and up. It comes with everything you need to find out who committed the crime including: Game board 1 x Yellow murder envelope 1 x detective notepad 6 x character tokens 21 x black Cluedo cards 13 x red bonus cards 6 x weapon tokens 2 x dice game guide.
  • Funskool Tom and Jerry Frenemies

    What can be as exciting as creating a picture? It's putting one together!! Picture puzzles from Funskool- hours of fun and a great way to learn about colour coordination. This puzzle set contains two exciting puzzles of 12 pieces each.
  • Frank Word Play Word Games Board Game

    Word games help in developing the vocabulary of children and also helps in word association. Learning new words might prove to be taxing at times and this is exactly what Word Play overcomes, by inculcating good vocabulary in children while making it a nice and fun process at the same time. Apart from teaching your young kids to associate words and learn new ones, the game also accomplishes the task in keeping bright young kids occupied for a long time.
  • Creative’s Think & Match Part 2

    • Keen Observation
    • Concentration
    • Problem Solving
    • Eye-hand Coordination
    • Logic and Reasoning Skills
  • Ratna’s Mikado Sticks Jumbo for Kids to Develop Concentration and Attention Span Building

    The sticks are bundled and taken in one hand that touches the table or ground. The release creates a circular jumble. Now one stick after another should be taken up without moving or touching others. The take away could be by hand, possibly through pressing on a Stick's tip or if one has already picked up a special stick (Mikado or mandarin) it could be used as a helper, possibly to throw up another stick. It is allowed to stand up on but not to leave the own place. A bad throw could be rerun and the rules should be kept strict in respect to moving sticks to enjoy the game. On a fault the turn ends (the last stick taken is not counted). the next player bundles and drops the sticks again. After several rounds, normally five, the one with the highest score is the winner
  • Zephyr Mechanix Battle Station

    A Mechanix 3602011 Battle Station is a war game for kids that has nine models to be built for war. The Mechanix game includes a manual that helps your child to learn the fittings and also guides them through the whole process of building the models. It is made with high-quality steel to give the feel of ideal and rich finishing.Improves the Overall SkillsThis war machine toy has the capacity to improve many skills of your child. It teaches motor skills, creativity and logical thinking. This set makes learning as simple as playing.Mechanix Games for KidsMechanix games for kids are an ideal option for helping children learn to tackle all situations and learn new things. Kids will enjoy playing with this Mechanix game along with their friends for many happy hours at a time.Quality MaterialsThe war machine toys are made of high-quality metal with proper finishing. It is designed to be safe and durable for kids.Compact and LightweightThe Mechanix games for kids measures 23.6 cm x 18 cm x 4.8 cm and weighs about 358 g. It is a very compact game set and light in weight also. Kids like to carry this toy to places so they can build the models and enjoy playing war games with their friends. The Mechanix game has many exciting qualities for kids.Wonderful Gift for KidsThe war machine toy is preferably used by kids in the age group of 7 years and above. It makes a wonderful gift for kids in this age group as they can showcase their talent and creativity in all fields.Key Features A Mechanix 3602011 Battle Station Nine models to be built High-quality material User and instruction manual available Compact and lightweight Improves the overall skills of your child Wonderful gift for kids Preferably used by kids in the age group of 7 years and abov.
  • Zephyr Memory Skill for Kids


    Zephyr Memory Skill

    • 1 ) Decide what challenge you would like to face: ( A ) same picture ( B ) Front back ( C ) half picture ( D ) mother & child ( E ) corresponding picture
    • ( 2 ) Cover all the windows on the playing box with pegs
    • ( 3 ) Place the card which you decide on the top of the pile and insert the cars into the playing box . ( Alternatively you can decide to randomly pick a card and without seeing the picture place that card on the top of the pile .
    • ( 4 ) The first player starts by picking up two pegs if the picture matches ( as shown on the bottom of the card ) he keeps the pegs, and picks up two more pegs if the pictures do not match he replaces the pegs in the same place. The Next player starts his turn in the same way .
    • ( 5 ) After the pegs have been removed the person with the maximum pegs wins the game .
    • ( 6 ) When the game is over remove the yellow knobs from the playing box , and place the pegs in the slots provided .
  • Frank Space Travel Educational Board Games

    The objective of this interesting game is to have fun learning about space. Form teams and test each others knowledge by playing a thrilling quiz game. Learn about planets and the wondrous heavenly bodies from your friends when they answer the quiz questions. Suitable for the whole family to play after dinner in order to spend some quality time together.
  • UT Magnetic Dartboard – Two Sided Dart Boards for Adults and Kids

    This magnetic dart board is a great way to play darts safely at home or in the office. Made of high quality rubber, steel and velvet, it is durable to use. The board simply hangs on any wall and if you throw the included magnetic darts, they will stick to the board. After you have finished playing the board simply rolls up for easy storage. You can take this game wherever you go. It is a great way to get children into the fantastic sport of darts without the risk of injury.
  • Funskool Pictureka Card Game

    With the Funskool Pictureka card game, you can teach your kid to associate different pictures with relevant words. Ideal for children in the age group of 6 years and up, this Pictureka card game helps in sharpening the visual memory of your child through a fun-filled game. This game is very easy to play and can be played using different methods; it can either be played by matching similar cards or by associating a letter to the picture and gradually progressing to spell the entire word. Playing this game also improves your little one's knowledge of spellings and pronunciations.
  • Funskool Battle Ship Card Game

    Brace yourself for search-and-destroy battle intensity as you compete with the enemy to keep your ships afloat. Play peg cards and power cards to find, hit and sink your opponent’s fleet of five ships. Each ship has a special power. Choose from beginner or advanced rules for edge-of-your seat excitement. Includes 24 coordinate cards, 52 destruction cards, 4 reference cards and instructions.
  • Funskool Boggle Slam

    The Funskool boggle slam is a fun way to engage your entire family and have hours of fun. It is a fresh way to connect with your family members and a great way to entertain friends when they come over to your home. With just the right dash of competitiveness built into the game, the boggle slam game keeps every individual on the edge of their seats. With multiple variations of words, this game can go in many directions and that is what builds on the excitement.
  • UT Toymate Housie Giant 384 Foldable Tickets

  • MadRat Games Games Bling-a-ling Educational Board Games Board Game

    Introduce your child to the world of strategy and logic. Watch or play with your kids as they engage in the cutest war fought till date as planet bing-a-ling is being created. A wonderfully simple game that enhances strategic skills.
  • Toymate Jumbo Housie Board Board Game – 144 Reusable Folding Cards Bingo Lotto Tambola Family Game for All Adults and Kids

    Chocking Hazard: Small parts not suitable for children below 3 years, Colour & specification of the content are subject to amendment.  
  • Toymate All The Best – Math a Magic and WordPower Educational Board Games Board Game

    Double the Challenge, Double the Fun. Learn awesome new words. Crack difficult math equations. Everything with ease! Just take up this ultimate challenge with two entertaining and educational games. All you have to do is make the best use of seven letter tiles by combining crafty wordplay and intelligent equations. Fun and achievement will unfold itself!
  • MadRat Games Find the Fairy Strategy & War Games Board Game

    MadRat Games brings this fantastic board game that takes your little kids to an enchanted world of fairies and keeps them occupied for hours as they seek treasures and gifts. Unlock Treasure Chests This fascinating board game is all about following the beautiful Raspberry Fairy and unlocking the treasure chests to find gifts and other sparkling valuables that are needed to win the game. Explore The World Of Fairies Taking your children to the world of fairies and castles, Find the Fairy Board Game enthralls them and gives them a happy playtime. 5-12 Years Children aged between 5-12 years can have fun and lose themselves in finding exciting gifts.
  • D-Dart Magnetic Roll-up Double Sided Hanging Dart Board Set 17 inches and Bullseye Game with Darts

    Magnetic roll-up dart board and bullseye game with darts a real breakthrough! These darts have no point, yet stick to the board as if they did! Not the old-fashioned velcro tip, but an ultra powerful magnetic tip that really sticks! Flexible cloth-covered board protects the wall behind it and rolls up to store conveniently. All the fun of darts with none of the holes in your wall! Features include: traditional dart board on one side and a target bullseye game on the other six magnetic flat tipped red and Yellow darts portable board hangs quickly anywhere and rolls up to store conveniently. Board offers single, double, triple, bull's eye and catch ring, just like professional sets! Board dimensions.
  • D-Dart Magnetic Dartboard Board Game Set – Bullseye Dart Board with 6 pcs Darts for Indoor and Outdoor Game(40 cm )


    Magnetic Score Dartboard Kit Features

    Premium Look
    Magnetic Dart Board
    Magnetic Dart Board
    Magnetic Dart Board

    Premium Look

    Innovative design with small numbers to give you the score of each slot.

    The carefully crafted construction gives our dartboard a premium look and feel.

    Super Magnetic Dart Board

    Strong and stable neodymium magnets with plastic tail that is light.

    6 Soft Darts

    EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR A GAME Includes Magnetic Dart Board plus 6 Colorful darts

    SIMPLE TO INSTALL Keyhole slot on the back of the board makes hanging it so easy

    Safe and durable darts

    No sharp edge.Safe and durable darts will not harm walls or kids.

    Magnetic Dart Board
    Magnetic Dart Board
    Magnetic Dart Board

    Easy To Hang Anywhere

    The dartboard comes with a keyhole slot in the top to make hanging easy and reliable indoor and outdoor.

    Balanced Magnets

    Be heavy and balanced. Stay straight and lands on the board and stick.

    The Magnetic Darts

    It’s very safe for Children to play. The darts are unlike real darts (the tips are magnetic rather than needle-like sharp). The darts are very magnetic and can stick to the board extremely well. It’s excellent dartboard with less bounce out.

    Indoor and outdoor games that are easy to carry & ​install

    Magnetic Dart Board
    Magnetic Dart Board
    Magnetic Dart Board

    The Prefect Gifts

    Children can also practice mental arithmetic while keeping score, improve their math skills in a fun way. It is an ideal educational toys for boys and girls ages 5 6 7 8 and up.


    This game is suitable for playing indoor and outdoors. Perfect for a game room,dorm,office, kids play area or camping. You can play with your family or friends. Add fun to your life and have a good tim

    Fun For All Ages

    A must-have for the game room for all family members
    Magnetic Dart Board


    THE SAFER WAY TO PLAY This dartboard uses a powerful magnet to hold darts in place, eliminating the dangers associated with sharp points

    As a result, the game is safe for children aged 6 and up and for teens and grown-ups to enjoy.

    In the D ETERNAL Magnetic Dart Set, you'll get all of the essentials for a game of dart

    Enjoy a game of darts without all the worry!

    • The arrow on the dartboard with magnets will not slip or fall down. The set is suitable for all ages and skill levels.
    • The safest way to play with this dart game uses a strong magnet to hold the darts in place, which eliminates the dangers associated with sharp dots.
    • Perfect for kids and adults this dartboard is safe for kids ages 6 and up and lots of fun for teens and adults.
    • The best magnetic dartboard line is made to stand the test of time and built-in accordance with strict safety standards.
    Magnetic Dart Board

    Indoor&Outdoor Fun Games For All Kids and Adults and Family

    The set includes a dartboard with traditional markings. On the back, a keyhole slot ensures easy installation with nothing but a nail or screw in the wall. You'll also receive three red magnetic darts and three green magnetic darts with the set. The branded box keeps everything organized and neatly stored between games.  
    • Addictive dartboard for kids to get them away from smartphones and electronic screens, improve their hand-eye coordination and math skills in a fun way.
    • Dartboard comes with a hook, easy to attach to in any room.
    • Learn the game of darts, play alone, with a friend or the family, in a safe way
    • Strong, balanced neodymium magnets. Material that easily and virtually indestructible and the dart always be precisely fly it to suit your Dart performance.
    • It’s so easy to install that all you need is a nail and a hook to hang it.
  • Konex Wooden Chess Board with 32 Pawns Coins

    • Pack of: 33
    • Sport Type: Chess
    • Surface Material: Wood
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Height: 35.56 cm