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  • Funskool JAGGU Action Figure

    • Chhota Bheem and Friends
    • Non-Toxic
    • Child Safe
    • 4 years and above
  • Funskool Giggles Abacus

    • Classic wooden learning toy. • Solid construction • Encourages early math skills • Explore colours & patterns • Encourages curiosity & discovery
  • Funskool Chota Bheem – Bholu Action Figure

    • Action Figures
    • Chhota Bheem and Friends
    • Non-Toxic
    • Child Safe
  • Funskool Giggles Earth Mover

    This Earth mover perfect for little hand smotthly play at the long time.
  • Funskool Giggles Fire Truck

    In Fire truck wheels are different colour snap fit the rear frame and yellow ladder.
  • Funskool Chota Bheem – Chutki Action Figure

    • Width x Height: 5 cm x 10.5 cm
    • Material: Plastic
    • Non Battery Operated
    • Character: Chutki
    • Age: 4+ Years
    • Non-Toxic
    • Child Safe
  • Funskool Chota Bheem – Indumati Action Figure

    • Action Figures
    • Chhota Bheem and Friends
    • Non-Toxic
    • Child Safe
    • Material : Plastic
  • Funskool Chota Bheem – Raju Action Figure

    • Action Figures
    • Chhota Bheem and Friends
    • Non-Toxic
    • Child Safe
  • Funskool Giggles Dinner Ware Party Set


    Whos coming over for dinner tonight? Make them something special to serve with your elaborate new dinnerware set. From dinner plates to serving bowls, cutlery to crockery heres everything you need for a satisfying evening. Set an example of how you should treat your guests

  • Funskool Giggles Tea Party Set

    Is your guest list ready? Invite them over for a tea party with Funskools set, ready at hand. A handy tea pot, a set of cup and saucers and more for one merry tea party. Serve up imaginary cakes and scones. Tea or coffee. Make sure your guests are taken care of with a fab tea set and your hospitality.
  • Funskool Cooking Set

    • Kids can do their own make-believe cooking • With Funskool's sturdy, attractive, colorful and large-sized Cooking Set • Socialize with your friends by throwing a celebration party • Tough and washable party set
  • Funskool Giggles Ice Cream Turtle

    • It helps kids to identify colours, develop motor skills through sorting and stacking of ice cream scoops, encourages walking it’s the perfect walking aid for toddlers
    • Sort and stack the scoops for sit and play activity
    • Develops gross motor skills and the vibrant colours helps encourages discovery
  • Funskool Giggles Roly Poly Turtle

    • Attractive and eye catching colors • Rotating shell becomes storage • Perfect gift for a toddler • Lots of fun actions for little ones as the dog is pulled along • Develops social skills, role play helps in baby's first steps
  • Funskool Peppa Pig – ABC Game

    • Abc game explore the alphabets with peppa pig
    • Letter recondition, color matching, taking turns, counting
    • Contents: game board, 26 picture/letter tiles, peppa pig pawn with stand, instrucion sheet
  • Funskool Briarpatch I Spy Preschool Game

    • Match Riddles with Pictures
    • When all the pairs are completed, everyone wins!
    • Age: 3+
  • Funskool The Game of Cricket, Sport board Game, Cricket game for kids and family, 2 – 4 players

    product featue image
    Strategic Board Game

    This board game develops the decision-making skills of little ones. It assists kids in making strategic decisions to change the course of the game and keep the opponent on defence. It also enables a player to become the captain and lead the team to win.

    product featue image
    Inside the Box

    This cricket board game includes 120 cards with 98 batting cards and 22 bowling cards. It also includes 1 dice, 11 blue pawns, 11 red pawns and 2 black pawns. The multi-colour cricket board is designed to instantly encourage your kids to play.

    product featue image
    Excellent for Gifting

    This competitive board game by Funskool can be a perfect gift for cricket enthusiasts. It can be enjoyed and played by both adults and children. The compact board size enables the little ones to enjoy the game both indoors and outdoors.

  • Funskool Deluxe chess

    • A Premium wooden storage box cum chess board for easy storage & long lasting durability
    • 16 Black & 16 White pieces
    • Portable for on the go fun
  • Funskool Market Palace – 1000 Piece Puzzle

    • Realistic image
    • Beautiful and accurate details
    • Superior quality materials
    • 14 years and above
  • Funskool Let’s Learn Numbers Puzzle

    product featue image
    Fun Puzzle Game

    This puzzle game set offers a fun way of learning numbers. The intuitive game features vibrant graphic images with numbers printed on each puzzle piece.

    product featue image
    Enhances Mental and Motor Skills

    The Let’s Learn Numbers set helps in improving the cognitive and motor skills in kids. It also improves their shape recognition ability. This is a fun game that exercises the brain.

    product featue image
    Excellent for Gifting

    This number puzzle game can be an excellent gift for young developing minds. The pieces are made with high quality material and they can be arranged or scrambled numerous times.

  • Funskool Play and Learn Volvograms

    The most fun kids can have learning about Volvograms,Volvograms are words that make another word when spelled backwords. Offers kids hours of intrigue through the Volvograms of various words. Features: It contains 25 puzzles. This floor sized jigsaw puzzle is made of finest Quality. Improves your child's mental development. Shape recognition. Enhances the memory. Involves learning of new volvogram names. Develop motor skills.
  • Funskool Let’s Learn Inventions & Their Inventors

    Who invented television? Or Radio ? Here is a great way to learn about inventors and their inventions. This helps you to increase the Kids IQ thorugh a interesting puzzle.Solve puzzle and learn about a great inventions. It is a puzzle that helps children to learn about inventions, the inventors, new experiments. A great way for kids to travel the world. Each box contains 25 puzzles. Features: It contains 25 puzzles. This floor sized jigsaw puzzle is made of finest Quality. Improves your child's concentration power. Kids recognizes Shapes. Enhances the memory. Develop motor skills.
  • Funskool – Handycrafts Leaf Art

    This kit introduces children to the wonderful world of leaf art. Select your designs and trace them on to the special leaf by painting them in bright and attractive colours. Create your very own leaf art greeting cards and send it to your loved ones. Features: encouraging imagination and exploration Create your very own leaf art greeting cards Included: Dried Pepal leaf- 2 nos. Acrylic Colours-5 nos. Glue - 1 tube Brush - 1 no. Greeting card - 2 nos. Envelope- 2 nos. Paint Palette - 1 nos. instruction sheet Note : The product comes in various attractive colors. The one which is available will be shipped to you. We sale branded and genuine products only.
  • Funskool Games Cake Fractions

    Feeling hungry! Then cake fractions is the perfect game for you. Spin the spinner, to see how much cake you can take, but remember you can only have one flavour on your plate at a time. Fill your plate with a cake and pick up a menu card matching the flavour. The first player to collect all 4 menu cards is the winner.
  • Funskool Let’s Learn Rhyming Words

    What Rhyming With Hen? And What Goes With Goat? Bring Out The Little Poetin You A S You Put On Your Creative Hat And Find Out The Perfect Rhyme For Each Word-And Then Bring Them Together To Complete The Little Puzzle. Can You Get Them All Right? Features: It Contains 25 Puzzles. This Floor Sized Jigsaw Puzzle Is Made Of Finest Quality. Improves Your Child'S Mental Development. Kids Recognizes Shapes. Enhances The Memory. Develop Motor Skills.
  • Funskool Play & Learn – DC Superhero Puzzle, 104 Pieces

    Dear Super Fans, Unleash your inner-Super Hero, and rise to the challenge of completing this epic 104 pieces puzzle. Batman, Superman and Wonder woman are in position to charge against some of their greatest villains in this ultimate DC puzzle.
  • Funskool Rummikub Xpress

    With brilliant simplicity, Rummikub provides hours of amusement, each game as different as the combinations of moves you choose to play! To be the first player to go "Rummikub" by using all tiles in "RUNS" or "GROUPS" and by accumulating the highest score. Outwit your opponent with cool strategy and sharp moves. Be the first to lay down all your tiles and go "Rummikub!" Use the joker with caution...
  • Funskool Let’s Write School Essentials Puzzle Purple – 24 Pieces

    One Let's Write School Essentials 24 Pieces Teach your child Write School Essentials in an exciting manner with the Funskool Write School Essentials Puzzle game. Sporting picture cards bearing bright colours, it looks strikingly attractive. This Write School Essentials puzzle game is suitable for children who are three years of age and above. The simple and pretty design of this puzzle set holds your kids' interest, allowing them to learn something new, while having fun at the same time.
  • Funskool Let’s Write Numbers Puzzle 24 Pieces

    One Let's Write Numbers Puzzle 24 Pieces Teach your child Numbers in an exciting manner with the Funskool Numbers Puzzle game. Sporting picture cards bearing bright colours, it looks strikingly attractive.This Numbers puzzle game is suitable for children who are three years of age and above. The simple and pretty design of this puzzle set holds your kids' interest, allowing them to learn something new, while having fun at the same time.
  • Funskool Guess Who Travel Game

    Being a parent, you need to keep pace with the needs and demands of your growing child and fulfill them with absolute perfection. So, you can consider Funskool in this respect. It is renowned brand that designs exclusive games and toys for children, who love to spend their leisure time with its range of specially created products. In order to let the little kid indulge into more fun and excitement, why don't you welcome home the thoroughly interesting Funskool Travel Guess Who? To play the game, you need to have two players and the average time required to complete a single game is something around ten minutes. It is an exciting mystery game for children that can be rapidly arranged for. Well, would you like to know a bit more about the game? It is basically a guessing game and comes with numerous faces. The player has to eliminate the wrong ones and will also have to guess what the opponent has in hand.
  • Funskool Travel games Cluedo

    Reclusive millionaire Samuel Black's been murdered in his mansion. Now it's up to you to crack the case. Question everything to unravel the mystery. Who did it? Where? And with what weapon? Ransack the mansion for clues, ask cunning detective questions and leave no card unturned. Solve the murder first to win. Ages 8 and over. Product description: Become the next Sherlock Holmes and put you detective skills to the test with Cluedo. The classic who-dunnit game is back with a modern twist and features new characters and a two-player version. Reclusive millionaire Samuel Black has been murdered in his mansion and it's up to you to crack the case. Investigate everything to unravel the mystery and leave no card unturned. Ransack the mansion for clues and ask cunning questions - Who did it? Where? And with what weapon? Solve the murder first to win the game. Full of suspense, Cludeo is suitable for 2-6 players aged 8 and up. It comes with everything you need to find out who committed the crime including: Game board 1 x Yellow murder envelope 1 x detective notepad 6 x character tokens 21 x black Cluedo cards 13 x red bonus cards 6 x weapon tokens 2 x dice game guide.
  • Funskool Tom and Jerry Frenemies

    What can be as exciting as creating a picture? It's putting one together!! Picture puzzles from Funskool- hours of fun and a great way to learn about colour coordination. This puzzle set contains two exciting puzzles of 12 pieces each.
  • Funskool Batman Rogue Rage

    A colorful Batman Rogue Rage inspired puzzle set. The set includes 4 puzzles each with a Batman battle scene. The pieces are all different as no two pieces are alike. Each puzzle is a 30 piece puzzle. An engaging and engrossing game for all Batman fans.
  • Funskool Power Flight Superman

    This Powerflight Superman Has an amazing equipment with which he can get to heights faster than ever.
  • Funskool Handy Crafts Bead Studio

    It couldn't get easier than this to create your own look. Use the Bead Studio to transform shapes of fancy paper into your chosen bead design. Make beads galore and put them together to create beautiful bangles, earrings and hair-ties.
  • Funskool Pictureka Card Game

    With the Funskool Pictureka card game, you can teach your kid to associate different pictures with relevant words. Ideal for children in the age group of 6 years and up, this Pictureka card game helps in sharpening the visual memory of your child through a fun-filled game. This game is very easy to play and can be played using different methods; it can either be played by matching similar cards or by associating a letter to the picture and gradually progressing to spell the entire word. Playing this game also improves your little one's knowledge of spellings and pronunciations.
  • Funskool Battle Ship Card Game

    Brace yourself for search-and-destroy battle intensity as you compete with the enemy to keep your ships afloat. Play peg cards and power cards to find, hit and sink your opponent’s fleet of five ships. Each ship has a special power. Choose from beginner or advanced rules for edge-of-your seat excitement. Includes 24 coordinate cards, 52 destruction cards, 4 reference cards and instructions.
  • Funskool Boggle Slam

    The Funskool boggle slam is a fun way to engage your entire family and have hours of fun. It is a fresh way to connect with your family members and a great way to entertain friends when they come over to your home. With just the right dash of competitiveness built into the game, the boggle slam game keeps every individual on the edge of their seats. With multiple variations of words, this game can go in many directions and that is what builds on the excitement.
  • Funskool Tomy Toomies Shake and Sort Cupcakes Toy (Orange)

    Shake & sort cupcakes from TOMY are perfect shape-sorting fun! match the shapes on the bottom of the cupcake cases to the box and shake the cakes to hear them rattle. Little ones will love separating the cupcakes from their cases and stacking them on top of each other on the plate. The lunchbox and plate are perfect role-play fun. Suitable for children ages 10 months and up.
  • Funskool Looney Tunes Lunch Box 3-in-1 Puzzle

    Puzzle have long been a favorite learning toy of kids, moms and educators. Giving children a variety of puzzles enhances their early childhood educational experience both at home and in school.